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Welcome to Curious

Curious is an exploration of the narratives - spoken or unspoken - that shape our lives, our institutions, and even future technologies.

Each season, we release about 15 episodes on a particular topic - from Cryptocurrency to Storytelling.

We explore the contexts, histories, and people that are shaping these topics from every angle.​

We dream of a new age of curiosity...of multiplying stories and possibilities...and of getting a tiny bit freer from ourselves.

Season 1: Blockchain​​​​

Our first season is dedicated entirely to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin).

Throughout this season we’ll speak with leading experts from finance, law, governance, tech and academia to understand the rapid growth and ascent in popularity (and value) of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.  We'll also dive into the current impact of this technology, as well as obstacles and opportunities for the future.


S01E01 – Does Cryptocurrency Matter At All?
Imagine the DeLorean was just invented and you got to take a ride in it. And you traveled back in[...]
S01E02 – How Does Cryptocurrency Work? (Part 1)
In 1514, Andries van Wesel was born in Brussels, but he was better known by his latin name Andreas Vesalius.[...]
S01E03 – How Does Cryptocurrency Work? (Part 2) – with Bernard Golden & Arvind Narayanan
In this episode, we dive a bit deeper into how Cryptocurrency TECHNICALLY works - from mining to hash functions to[...]
S01E04 – How Cryptocurrency Will Be Used in the Future (Bernard Golden)
When the first human built a wheel 6 or 7,000 years ago, they couldn’t have possibly imagined that.. the humble[...]
S01E05 – Privacy, Security, and the Blockchain (Arvind Narayanan)
I’m joined today by Arvind Narayanan, an assistant professor at Princeton University, who is an assistant professor at Princeton and[...]
S01E06: Cryptocurrency – How’d We Get Here and Why Now?
On Monday, September 15th, 2008, tourists and locals stood outside and watched as employees of Lehman Brothers left the New[...]
S01E07: The Philosophy and Ethics of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain with Dmitry Buterin
On Halloween Day in 2017, executives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter sat in front of a group of US Senators[...]

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